• Meegan Jia-Good

Does Your Small Business Have a Customer Journey Map?

As a small business owner or manager, you’re likely asking yourself, “How do customers find out about our products/services? How do we compare to the competition? How are customers treated by our sales and customer service team? Creating a customer journey map can help you better understand your business from the customer perspective.

The customer journey map is a diagram representing the various steps a customer takes to purchase your business, from first becoming aware of your product/service offerings through purchasing and the ultimate post-sales experience.

A typical customer journey has five phases:

1. AWARENESS — The customer first learns of your product/services as a result of your marketing efforts (social media, email newsletter, blogs).

2. CONSIDERATION — The customer searches for necessary information about your business (and other businesses that offer the same or similar product). Your business needs to be highly visible in online searches (SEO, maps, Google Business page) and contact information should be easily accessible.⠀⠀

3. RESEARCH — The customer does background research on the chosen businesses. They might do this through Google reviews, social media feedback, word of mouth. The customers’ priorities can vary significantly from price, shipping to turnaround time.

4. PURCHASE — Once the business has been examined and made comparisons with other business/product offerings, it’s time for the purchase which can be online, in person or over the phone.

5. REVIEW — Once the customer has received the product/service customers may review via online surveys, social media or word of mouth. These reviews are critical for business success, and negative customer feedback needs to be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

To build your map, you need to go through each phase and place yourself from the customers’ perspective. There are hundreds of templates online that you can use to create your map. To start with, I would choose a lean, simple sketch to get you started. Once you have an initial outline, you can define it further through channels, departments. Don’t forget to use your customer personas when you are mapping too. Click on the Google Sheets template below to create a copy and away you go!

Let me know if you have any questions and have fun with this!


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