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The power of growth mindset over a fixed mindset

Our mind plays a very powerful role in what we believe and how we think. What we think about ourselves and our abilities decides how we act and lead our life.

When you look at successful people or those who have achieved mastery in life, what do you tell yourself – they are more gifted than others, they have talent, their innate abilities made them successful or do you believe success comes from hard work, developing new strategies, drawing inspiration from others, getting good mentoring, investing in learning and through constant improvement.?

There’s power in believing that you can improve and accomplish what you set out to achieve by looking at failures and setbacks as a medium for growth. It’s being resilient in the face of challenging circumstances with unintended consequences. We need to shift from self doubt to potential for growth.

So how do you shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?

➊ Tell yourself a different story

Instead of telling yourself, ❝I give up because it’s beyond me.❞, choose to say, ❝I want to try and not give up.❞

➋ Set learning goals

Commit to learning everyday as opposed to seeking goals that prove your worth.

➌ Capitalise on your failures

Review your failures, identify what did not work and then devise a plan to correct your mistakes.

➍ Choose Goldilocks tasks

Goldilocks tasks are activities that are neither too easy nor too difficult, just a little over your current abilities.)

➎ Be consistent and flexible

You cannot shift from fixed mindset to a growth mindset in a day. Regularly ask yourself, How did you act last time? Did you choose a fixed or a growth mindset? What made you choose one mindset over the other?

💡 Save this post and check back in on how your journey to a growth mindset is going.

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