Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social media is an integral part of any small business marketing strategy. In fact, in today’s day and age, small businesses cannot afford to ignore social media.  Social media is all about connecting with your audience and building an engaged community.  It can also be an influential lead generation tool that gives you direct access to your ideal current and prospective audience. Take advantage of everything social media can do for your small business by staying on top of your digital marketing game and ahead of your competition.

If you're considering how to use social media to deepen your customer relationships and accelerate growth for your small business, then let's talk, and I will walk you through the steps necessary to create and roll out a successful social media marketing strategy.

How I Can Help You

Strategy Development

Without a proper strategy, you’re throwing darts in the dark and paying for each attempt. 

We will work closely with your brand and current marketing strategy to create an aligned social media plan.  We will look at your digital presence and work out areas that may be missing.

Content Creation

Create relevant content to help you communicate your brand messaging through written and visual elements. We'll work out which content performs the best and why. Then develop strategies to drive further engagement.

Email Marketing

Create relevant content to help you communicate your brand messaging through written and visual elements. We will constantly survey shifts in brand perceptions and use these insights to influence the design and methods used to represent and engage with your brand.

Social Media Management

Using your brand story, we will set goals, find and understand your audience, watch competitors, engage your followers, spark conversations, provide customer service, deliver valuable content, listen to your market, measure your impact and continuously optimise your strategy and sometimes be prepared to handle critics.

Monitoring and Analytics

Through tracking and analysis we are able to optimise campaigns in near realtime.  We can use your preferred reporting system or one recommended by me.  We'll track performance on engagement in posts and success is campaigns ads.

Social Media Advertising

Through tracking and analysis we are able to optimise campaigns in near realtime. With robust metrics that recommend a wide range of digital and traditional measurement techniques, we look to prove the effectiveness of social thinking in driving business results.

Work With Me

Discovery Meeting

I'd like to chat with you about your business, it's product or services, your marketing strategy and plan and how you integrate social media.  What your thoughts are on social media and its purpose and also your expectations on how we would work together.

Define the Project

Next, we begin collaborating on your one-page social media marketing strategy. If you don't have one, then this is where we will start.  We'll look at your customers, your competitors and your social marketing tactics to date - a bit of an audit.  From here, we will have a good idea of the pain points and where we can make enhancements.  With the strategy, goals and tasks laid out, I create a custom project proposal.

Measure and Learn

We'll stop here to review and reflect on the value and impact so far.  By focusing on moving more quickly and reducing perfectionism, we can keep up the momentum.

  • Is our content still in alignment with our customers?

  • Do we all still share and understanding of priorities and purpose?

  • Where have we failed and what have we learnt from that failure?

Client Offboarding or Retain

If the project is for a specific duration, I will carry out a client offboarding stage where I provide you with all of your final files, your content schedule, any future social campaigns we have planned etc. 


If the project is ongoing, then I will carry out regular "check-ins" with you to gather feedback on the whole process.

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